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RCC Unit for Protecting Students’ Rights

The unit is interested in raising the students’ awareness of their rights and obligations.


  •  To establish homogenous academia where the sense of mutual cooperation prevails;
  • To develop the culture of justice and equality among the students;
  • To enlighten the students as to their university rights and how to exercise them
    in legal ways;
  • To support the students’ rights on bases compatible with the university rules and


  • To enforce the students’ rights bill;
  • To receive the students’ views on the academic and educational environment;
  • To organize awareness campaigns on the students’ rights and obligations;
  • To receive the students’ complaints and take actions required;
  • To analyze the academic and educational environment in the college;
  • To organize programs that foster positive relationships between the students and the faculty members;

To introduce laws and regulations to the students.