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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Community College of King Saud University which includes useful information about the college in terms of academic departments and programs, study plans, support units and community programs.

 The website highlights the latest developments related to the overall activities of the college that comprises – seven departments’ programs geared to the needs of the labor market and the requirements of qualified cadres. These programs are as follows : Human Resources Management, Banking and Financial Management, Insurance Business Management, Marketing ,Executive Secertary, Computer Science, and Websites and Graphics Technologies.

Believing in the necessity to keep pace with the needs of the labor market, the College is currently developing more specialized programs to meet the needs with efficiency and high quality programs. To improve the educational and administrative process in accordance with national and international standards, the College has been accredited by the National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation (NCAAA) and apply for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

 The College administration is aware of the importance of creating an attractive learning environment in the light of the current challenges through the diversification of teaching methods, the use of technology in teaching and learning and the access to learning resources, especially electronic ones. In addition, the College perceives the continued development of the capacity of faculty members, who are considered a prerequisite for any successful learning process. The college has launched a number of initiatives and programs ( in addition to its former achievements ) which play a significant role  in the process of development. We may mention in particular: the establishment of a training and support unit for employment which provides specialized and enriching training courses for students, and career opportunities for its graduates by building partnerships with public sector institutions and the private and non-profit sector.

A specialized unit for studies and research has been founded at the college which deals with  the community issues, problems and requirements, and offers  possible solutions on a scientific basis. The community service represents one of the most important strategic components of the Community College at King Saud University. Each year this strategic direction is put into action through programs and initiatives which have contributed to the establishment of strategic partnership between the college and the surrounding community.

 This strategic direction is reflected by concluding several agreements which resulted in the achievement of many common benefits for the community. In addition, an advisory board of prominent decision-makers and businessmen was established to help the college and its academic departments. The college is also keen on investing students’ capabilities and potential in the field of students activities and directing them towards the service of  the community where the college got the first place for seven consecutive years at the university level in this field. Finally, we in the college administration are ready to receive your comments and inquiries as we believe they form an important input to the development of the college.

Dean of Community College

Dr Osama Alfarraj