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Department Overview
The Department of Computer Science offers a program ending in Associate Degree in Computer Science. The program has five semesters where students study 23 courses of 73 theory and lab units. Students acquire computer skills that qualify them to join the labor market in fields such as program design, web design, database systems management, network control, data entry, as well as secretarial works. The department is interested in enhancing its scientific foundations through investigating the possibility of introducing new specialization in computer and securing the infrastructure required taking into due account the ever-increasing requirements of the labor market. The department is also keen on promoting its faculty capabilities through introducing them to the University academic plans and giving them the chance to enter the field of training.
Departmet information
     • The department currently has the specialty of computer science only.
     • Total number of credit units:73
     • Total number of courses is 23 across two years of study, among of which 15 courses in computer science.
     • Faculty members are 31 ( 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professor, 13 Assistant Professor, 11 lecturers, and Teaching Assistants)
Potential Work Opportunities for Computer Science Graduates
Work opportunities cover all government offices, public and private sector organizations. They fall in the following key fields:
     • Program design
     • Web design
     • Database systems management
     • Network control
     • Data entry and secretarial work


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:49am