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About us

The Department of Applied Medical Sciences was established in 1423 H. the registration in the department started at the beginning of the academic year 1424/1425. The department offers a career program leading to an associate degree in applied medical sciences. The courses’ content and the study plan are subject to a continuous process of development to cope with the scientific advancement and provide the students with the knowledge and skills required.

Aims of the Department of Applied Medical Sciences:

  • To develop the students' technical competence especially in the maintenance and installation of medical equipment;
  • To provide the students with adequate technical and theoretical information about a wide range of medical equipment used in hospitals;
  • To qualify the students in the specializations most demanded in the labor market requiring associate degrees (Diplomas);
  • To give the college students who could not pursue their study in the Transfer Program for academic reasons the chance to obtain an academic diploma that qualifies them for recruitment.


1. To offer high quality educational programs in the field of biomedical instrumentation;
2. To try to alleviate the acute manpower shortage in the field;
3. To encourage research and development activities for both the faculty and students.
4. To facilitate interaction with various industries to understand their needs and accordingly modify the curricula;
5. To facilitate cooperation with industry in research projects;
6. To provide a congenial and friendly working environment for faculty and students alike.


Career Program:

It is a program by the end of which the student obtains an associate degree- a degree equivalent to the intermediate college diploma.
This program has applied specializations that meet the requirements of the labor market.


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