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مصادر مختلفة عن المكونات المادية للحاسب

Alienware has rapidly developed into the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktops, notebooks, professional workstations, and media centre systems.
In need of a memory card but don’t know which will work with your computer? Here you can try and buy. Also sells graphic cards. 

One of the largest hardware retailers, without normal stores and only selling on the net they can keep their low prices. 


itx warehouse
UK based retailer specialised in computers using the Mini-ITX form factor. 

My Memory    
In world of ever increasing need for memory My Memory supplies memory sticks and alike to make you remember were you put it. 

Drive My Laptop 
DML provides brand new replacement hard drives and cd drives for laptop computers 

Online Backup - Global data Vault 
Your business data is too important to trust to human error and failure prone media. Your employees' time is too valuable to waste on this task. There is a better, safer solution: Global data Vault 

Cambridge Computer Shop 
The online Shop for Cambridge, offering Monitors, cheap Computers, Computer Parts.

Secure, environmentally friendly Computer Recycling. We will collect your old, unwanted IT and Computer Equipment.



مصادر مختلفة عن تصميم وتطوير مواقع الويب

World Wide Web Consortium 
Creates the guidelines and specifications for Internet programming languages like HTML, XML and CSS. 


HTML help 
Web authoring reference material, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. 


Net Objects - Fusion    
NO provides an easy-to-use program to create your own website. Useable for both experienced webdesigners and beginners.    
A design tool to help you create your own Webb store. 


Web Page Design for Designers 
Editorials, reference material and a resource directory. 


Web Pages That Suck 
A resource with examples of poorly designed web sites to learn from. 


A web hosting company from USA. Hosts more than 90 000 websites.    
Choose from 100 of pre designed websites, also offers web hosting solutions and domain name registrations. 


Azapi Website Services 
Azapi provides clean, accessible website designs that will work in a wide range of web browsers. 


Quanta Webdesign for the Arts 
Hip, affordable & effective web design, maintenance & promotion for small business, individuals & the arts.


مصادر مختلفة عن لغات برمجة الحاسب

SUN - Java 
Sun Microsystems created the OO language Java, this is their official site dedicated to it. Includes all the latest Java downloads. 

The official site for PHP (hypertext Preprocessor), the worlds most commonly used server side language for internet applications. 

Ruby is open source and is rated as the 13:th most used language. It has gotten alot more focus lately with the new RoR framework and it's totally free for anyone to use, modify and distribute. 

An open source language that has gotten ground with it's powerfull string manipulation. Currently losing ground to new frameworks as well as PHP. 

A database language, often used in combination with PHP. MySQL is very popular because of it's extensive online documentation and free licence. 

Visual basic 
Microsofts official site for Visual Basic, a top 10 used programming language. 


Ruby on Rails 
RoR is the new praised developing framework for the Ruby language. It emphasizes on extremly quick development without creating poor runtimes. 

Language comparison 
See the languages black on white. Includes the key numbers as well as benchmarks. 


D Programming Language 
The official site of the D language that first appeared in '99. D looks alot like C++ but claims to enable quicker development. 


Comparing Java and C++ 
This page specifies the differences between Java and C++. For example, while Java is platform independent, C++ is generally faster.


مصادر مختلفة عن رسومات الحاسب

Animation Factory 
Huge amounts of 3d animations, clipart and alike. Royalty free. 


3D flags 
Animated 3d flags from all over the world and us state flags. 


Open GL project 
Graphic card manufacturer standard for high performance graphic. 


Stock exchange 
This is a free stock photography exchange with over 100 000 photos. Perfect for finding graphics for that birthday card of for a web site. 

Free webtemplates 
Help improve your webpage with some cool 3dtemplets or gif art.


Offers professional organization of photo albums. Both for amateurs and professionalstj. 


Free graphics 
Resource containing links to free graphics. The navigation of the site is quite poor. 
Contains free graphics but also a lot of misleading ads. 


Web graphics 
Free graphics to use on web sites - mainly menu buttons, arrows, clipart and icons.


A free 3d animation software which aims to compete with the big shoots of the genre. 


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